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Lulu: The Application That Will Help Ladies Prepare Smarter Dating Decisions

TL;DR: If you have ever wished you can test the guys you date, or perhaps the dudes you know who would make great times, like you examine restaurants, subsequently Lulu will make your entire ambitions be realized. As first-ever app for women, Lulu is using lead in this market, helping women generate smarter matchmaking choices and men come to be better daters.

From Amazon to Yelp, we’re in a world where people love to examine circumstances. Everyone else are unable to hold off to share their particular opinion regarding their most recent dinner and/or final apartment they lived in, but what concerning newest man they went on a romantic date with?

Well Lulu is the perfect outlet for carrying out just that.

Cofounded in 2013 by Alexandra Chong and Alison Schwartz, Lulu is actually a personal social network that gives females the opportunity to rate the guys they date, recommend date-worthy dudes and share personal encounters with an incredible number of additional like-minded females.

It really is like conversing with your very best friend

Chong and Schwartz had gotten the idea for Lulu after Chong had an unforgettable all-girls brunch knowledge. From swapping stories about careers to valentine’s plans, she hoped she could bottle that feeling of camaraderie and put it to good utilize.

In 2013, that vision became a reality as Lulu, a space in which ladies can seem to be secure when talking about their own really love schedules.

Director of advertising Deborah Singer said it has been a number of years coming for a software along these lines in the business, especially with guidelines getting popular in other aspects of life.

“Women now have recommendations about everything in their particular lives… and yet we do not get strategies for something as essential as connections and dates,” she stated. “We think’s an incredibly vital location for women to be aware and also info [about] so that they can really create wiser decisions for themselves.”

Whether it’s status males they will have eliminated away with, suggesting top-notch men with other people or creating friend associations, Lulu made a significant influence.

“i do believe we’re providing a fresh information layer on the dating room,” Singer stated. “Dating is an activity that does not have that details layer, and we also see ourselves as providing additional info to that market.”

Lulu shines from other applications because Chong and Schwartz, also everybody else on the team, try to let their unique personalities shine through, providing down that feeling of speaking with a very great gf.

Relating to Singer, Lulu is very prominent among college women, who’re in a brand new online dating planet and are generally wanting feminine pals to visit for tips regarding the guys they’re satisfying on campus.

Lulu additionally places the privacy and protection of the users first. The application uses fb to verify gender, age (not one person under 17 is allowed to join) and pals circles.

But don’t believe men aren’t allowed contained in this ladies club

In might, Lulu allowed men to start utilising the app as long as they happened to be contemplating being reviewed.

Male people is able to see their particular as a whole score and which hashtags women can be making use of to explain them, like “#AlwaysHappy” or “#WearsEdHardy.”

Nonetheless they also can access data that displays just how women position them on traits including wit, kissing capabilities and a lot more.

Lulu’s editorial group actually offers guys specialized articles that provide internet dating advice for the certain specific areas needed enhancement in.

Ladies may also ask the males their own opinions on a number of topics, including rectal intercourse or creating a commitment.

Yet over 1 million males have actually joined, with a typical overview getting a seven, many also look into the app 3 times everyday.

“We noticed there was a real appetite from dudes to kind of get statistics as to what females had been saying about all of them,” Singer said. “Our purpose should really help guys boost. Exactly like you would utilize Bing statistics on your own web site to boost it, this can be kind of Google Analytics for men.”

Creating a secure, positive planet for all

Unlike web sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor, Lulu does not enable females to create available reviews within reviews.

Ladies are given multiple choice options when reviewing the men as well as other females can agree or disagree with the review, which Singer stated promotes a positive atmosphere and keeps the reviews from becoming unnecessarily mean.

“we are rating men and women – we are rating dudes. We know that this is actually a sensitive and provocative thing to be carrying out, therefore want to do it in a thoughtful method and also in a constructive way,” she said. “We heard from the very beginning from girls they don’t want to be an integral part of anything mean, therefore we determined this particular structure would maintain that ecosystem.”

Lulu will use that same structure in the future whenever expanding with other preferred verticals like charm, vacation or company.

“We want to check-out somewhere where women are arriving at Lulu and it’s really sorts of their particular primary destination for acquiring info from other females,” Singer stated. “we are really concentrated on the merchandise and continuing to build tactics to help ladies share more to get recommendations.”

When you’re ready to release your girl chat, down load Lulu (at no cost!) during the App shop or Google Play.


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