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REVEALED! UKSexFling.com Is A Smoke Monitor Hiding A Fraud!

Internet Site Details:


  • 10 credit expenses £15,00 and enables you to deliver 10 email messages.
  • 25 credits costs £35,00 and lets you deliver 25 electronic mails.
  • 50 credit prices £65,00 and lets you deliver 50 electronic mails.
  • 100 loans costs £120,00 and enables you to deliver 100 electronic mails.
  • 200 loans costs £200,00 and lets you deliver 200 emails.


  • Research: Search for girls in accordance with their age, place etc by using the search section of the site.
  • My Profile: The My personal Profile area lets you upload account pictures and add an explanation your profile.
  • My Mailbox: The My Mailbox area lets you study and answer email messages.
  • My personal Flirts: The My personal Flirts section lets you see that sent you a flirt and reply straight back if you prefer.


UKSexFling.com is an additional dating website that individuals want to warn individuals about. Just as the finally sequence of sites that people’ve been revealing from Midsummer Online B.V. UKSexFling is actually functioning underneath the very same variables but of course we investigate every case independently. In this case we licensed with a free of charge account on the site to offer reveal synopsis (a summary) of what we should discovered when we went under undercover as free members of their site.

The initial idea that site was not going to be legitimate was the point that it really is linked to these sites: Looking4Hotties.com,  FindMyFling.com, MysteryFlirt.com and ShagPlace.com. In earlier times week we have been exploring numerous online dating web pages possessed by Midsummer on line B.V. we’ve got investigated a number of regarding websites therefore far these have ended up being cons. We judge every case separately and constantly check out the insights then make all of our last judgment. From that point we write our report that you can study down the page.

A See From The Front-page In Which The Website Admits To Making Fake “Fantasy Profles”

They declare to creating artificial profiles. You may be wondering exactly why they will try this even so they performed! They’ve got a couple sentences in the front page regarding site where they virtually admit to making fictitious fantasy profile pages! When you’re permitted to generate a free account on UK Sex affair you will need to accept to the conditions and terms that also suggests agreeing and acknowledging the web site utilizes imaginary dream pages.

Here is the fact, they want that say yes to the stipulations nonetheless never really want one read all of them. In essence its all appropriate terminology that safeguards all of them from getting prosecuted or from any type of litigation and they wanna skim past it. But we always the conditions therefore we can alert you regarding the lies hiding beneath area.

(Screenshot obtained from the website where in fact the internet site confesses to making dream users.)

We Got 381 Email Messages (Although Our Profile Is Empty)!

It failed to take long, shortly anyway to begin getting inundated with e-mail after mail after mail towards beat of 381 emails! The number of emails consistently go up. And because we have now currently done many investigations into online dating sites owned by Midsummer BV we know precisely what’s going on with this particular web site. First and foremost you must understand all the emails are completely constructed. There are definitely zero genuine women sending united states communications. As mentioned on the first page in the site they admit to creating fantasy pages, nonetheless they in addition confess that these virtual female users “may keep in touch with you”. FYI communicating indicates delivering you email messages.

You are asking yourself the hell can a phony profile send us email messages? E-mails are coming from heya technology computer software spiders. No genuine people tend to be giving you electronic mails. Every single one in the 381 email messages that we had gotten was actually all computer-generated and delivered through the pc bot.

The point that they admit to it from the front-page of web site helps make this an element of the examination closed. It really is a 100per cent certainty that UKSexFling send individuals fake email messages from the sham users they create.

(A screenshot showing we have obtained 381 electronic mails to date.)

Samples Of Bogus Emails We In Person Received

Below we’ve included simply an extremely little sample regarding the 381 email messages that bombarded all of our e-mail inbox. The primary reason we’re including these is actually no. 1 that it is evidence and number 2 only to show you just how absurd several of these emails are.

One email asks us whenever we’re “discrete I would like to show us something”. After that she continues to say, “Can you ensure that is stays amongst the two of united states”. We have now never ever emailed this girl before but using the email message we was given you might believe that we have some form of relationship together with her. Most of the communications tend to be computer-generated frauds. This mail is artificial and contains already been delivered from a bot not from a lady who would like united states to-be discerning.

The second email is actually from a female in black colored lingerie she says that she “wishes we were here just at this really minute”. She states that she “would like to kiss and take care of all of us more than.” Yet again really does anyone see how absurd this is exactly? We have never correspondended using this woman before however for some reason she desires hug people more than. Are you able to state scam?!

This after that e-mail is from a girl calling herself “Dominatrix”. Inside her email she claims “maybe this is certainly a surprise for your requirements but I am able to endure actually long! You’ll be able to f*ck me personally so long as you desire!” once more how do any person be seduced by these blatant deceptions?!

This next phony e-mail is from “Mariah Maria”h who claims that she’s “very freaking horny! I’m sure you didn’t answer me before but come-on have you been nonetheless busy?” Just what lady speaks like that? Specifically since we’ve never talked to their before but she’s making it look like in some way we realize each other. All a huge con!

We Got 39 Flirts (Even Though The Profile Is Actually Empty)!

Bear in mind throughout the first page in which it asserted that the “fantasy profiles may communicate with you for promotional as well as other reasons”. They communicate with you by sending you phony e-mails but they additionally correspond with you by giving you fictitious flirts! The flirts as well as the email messages utilized with one objective in mind and that is too turn you into believe that women on UK Sex Fling need experience you. But if you try to respond to any emails or even some of the flirts you need to purchase credit. There is absolutely no way to keep in touch with anyone on the website until you purchase loans.

(A screenshot showing the 39 flirts that people received.)

Proof No Photo In Our Profile

To tie this examination altogether we’ve additionally getting a screenshot of our profile web page. For a look at the evidence circled in red you will observe it claims “no profile photo”. This means we do not have profile photo on the member profile. But while we’ve currently explained we was given 381 electronic mails and 39 flirts. Precisely why would any feminine or that issue 381 women send us messages if they you should not even comprehend what we should seem like? We can easily be a bald fat man who’s 80 yrs . old but for some explanation the women on UKSexFling.com don’t seem to care and attention that which we resemble. Could it possibly be they you should not care and attention or perhaps is it due to the fact e-mails tend to be fake plus the ladies are phony too? We all know the solution to that concern. We included a screenshot of a profile web page only to prove to you for good this particular internet site is a whole sham.

(A screenshot of one’s blank account web page.)

Fake Profiles Making Use Of Stolen Pictures

When we did this examination we had been looking at the pages from females mailing you plus some ones were very hot. Many of the ladies mailing us had unclothed pictures on their profile pages. But we already fully know how the site admits they are accountable for fabricating artificial profiles. This isn’t undisputable reality but, we had a burning question where were these photographs of these artificial users happened to be via? We know already the profile pages tend to be fake nevertheless the women in those photos tend to be actual it’s just they aren’t people in UKSexFling.com. Therefore, we continued a quest to find gay men out where profile pics were becoming taken from.

Integrated below we evidence showing you that at least many pages are now amateurish person porno movie stars. We have now included backlinks where the phony profiles are getting their unique profile photographs from. And that only shows more the illegitimacy and outright phoniness with this website.

(Screenshot of a fictitious profile page available on British gender affair and that’s in fact a photograph of recreational person movie stars.)

  • http://erooups.com/img/img3/20100316/erotic/2/kissing_girls_05.jpg
  • http://erooups.com/2010/03/16/girls-love-to-do-it-part-2-25-pics.html
  • http://realgirls3.petiteteenager.com/ohhowreal/14.jpg
  • http://thumbnails29.imagebam.com/8105/77ec6681047117.gif
  • https://3.bp.blogspot.com/_n86IQp7Lct4/S7rVol-MmkI/AAAAAAAAB9E/bz2Wpmz9vyU/s1600/thumbs_sweet-friday-girls-58-40.jpg
  • https://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/image.php?u=8378&dateline=1209653570
  • https://cdn.acidcow.com/pics/20091120/girls_girls_girls_68.jpg
  • https://banana.by/uploads/posts/2010-09/thumbs/1284965316_amateurs_5.jpg
  • https://ru.fishki.net/picsw/112009/20/post/devushki/devushki068.jpg
  • http://cdn1.goodpornhost.com/thumbs/2010-12-20/15547_03.jpg

(Screenshot of a profile web page utilizing a stolen image from a beginner xxx celebrity.)

(Screenshot of a pretend profile using a taken picture of an amateur pornography star.)

  • LunaPic revise 101

  • https://78.media.tumblr.com/f486b00c905d2c93e7cde25515a74323/tumblr_nttf0x5bvr1r34wlio1_250.jpg
  • http://pelotok.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/1462151484_3er3344_g030.jpg
  • https://whatboyswant.com/picture/babe/2206191/fixed-thumb/fth_2206191.jpg
  • https://i.imgur.com/gquKmvvb.jpg

LunaPic Edit 101

(Another screenshot of a fake profile making use of a picture of an amateur pornography star.)

  • http://img64.imagetwist.com/th/20788/gwkec6qkwqb4.jpg
  • http://www.drsnysvet.cz/wp-content/gallery/cubky397-up/04.jpg
  • https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-0BQ-tRSnl7E/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAACQ/ZGpjlJmoFco/photo.jpg?sz=64
  • http://i1.imagetwist.com/th/15430/sct2x2swb37d.jpg
  • http://img104.imagetwist.com/th/06390/oh2gj1wfj3bo.jpg
  • http://images.homegrownfreaks.net/u/thumbnails/eb901f6683690f2a67515cc28be8c44a.jpg

(Another screenshot of a fake profile making use of a photo of a beginner porn celebrity.)

  • https://amateurnakedteens.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/leaked-snapchat-nude-pics-of-hot-teens-12.jpg
  • http://img161.imagetwist.com/th/20124/7w0b3bs0mqed.jpg
  • https://whatboyswant.com/picture/babe/2122244/fixed-thumb/fth_2122244.jpg
  • See article on imgur.com

  • https://78.media.tumblr.com/375baddfb318bd732bc4279fd92b487e/tumblr_nu1uw6Hesf1u3u6uuo1_500.jpg

View blog post on imgur.com

The Conditions And Terms Explains Expose The Scam!

And right here we have a paragraph (see below) we’ve extracted from the conditions and terms page where in fact the web site confesses to everything that we’ve laid out within this analysis. In the 1st section of this part they acknowledge your website is for “entertainment reasons” meaning it is not a proper relationship solution. They go onto mention it’s perhaps not their particular goal getting get in touch with between people. This really is an unusual declaration when it’s a dating site the complete objective should really be for them to bring individuals together! They go onto believe that they normally use “moderated and fictive (fictitious) profile pages”. They carry on to state they’ve “the ability to send communications by their unique self-created users”. Not only that they confess that experience of these fictitious profile isn’t possible. It was taken from section 8.4 on the stipulations page. Look for it below or visit this connect to read a directly on their website.

  • 8.4 this amazing site or provider is actually for adult activity functions; it is really not our very own endeavor to deliver real appointments/contact between members. You may be mindful and agree that we possibly may make use of moderated and fictive pages for on-line mature activity reasons. We explicitly reserve the legal right to deliver messages for this website by self-created profiles. Real connection with these fictive users is not possible. We deny our selves of most obligation toward level that is enabled because of the law and in addition we believe no guarantee regarding particular damage or inconvenience brought on by all of our provider.9

8.4 This web site or provider is for mature entertainment reasons; it’s not all of our try to deliver bodily appointments/contact between people. You will be conscious and agree that we may utilize moderated and fictive profiles for internet based mature activity reasons. We explicitly reserve the authority to deliver messages to this site by self-created profiles. Bodily experience of these fictive profiles isn’t feasible. We refuse ourselves of all responsibility to your extent that is enabled from the law therefore we assume no guarantee for any sorts of harm or trouble caused by our very own Service.9

Hosting Host Info:

  • Address Of Host: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain See, CA, 94043, United States Of America
  • Internet Protocol Address Of Host:
  • List Servers: ns5.dnsmadeeasy.com, ns6.dnsma,eeasy.com, ns7.dnsmadeeasy.com

Contact Info :

  • Phone: +31 85 4000597 (09:00 – 17:00)
  • Details: Midsummer on the web B.V.: Zutphenseweg 51, 7418 AH in Deventer, holland
  • Mail: [email secured]
  • a caution that any charges generated on your bank card arise under “Pay.nl * Midsummer +31854000597 NLD”.
  • Web Page: Contact Page

Ultimate Decision:

Really there you may have it guys UKSexFling.com is a sham and then we’ve proven it once and for all. For those who have anymore details on this amazing site kindly keep a comment below. We think about this case closed BUT the web site continues to be scamming people therefore stay away from it!

Research Females

If you wish to get a hold of genuine ladies, subsequently consider these legit matchmaking internet sites.

File A Written Report

  • Get in touch with the higher Business Bureau and register a grievance if you think that you’ve been scammed or conned.
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